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Bathtubs are indispensable high-end sanitary equipment in households, apartments, villas, resorts or hotels, spas, and yachts to create a comfortable and modern living space…

Brother is the name that has dominated the high-end bathtub brand in Vietnam for nearly 2 decades. In order to meet the increasing needs of people, Brother has created many different types of bathtubs such as: massage tubs, spa tubs, soaking tubs with many designs and sizes to suit the standards of every project. .

Brother bathtubs use components imported from Malaysia and are assembled in Vietnam with a factory system of more than 7,000 M2 located in Cai Lan – Ha Long – Quang Ninh. In particular, with the main material being acrylic, Brother bathtubs are always loved for their high durability, beautiful design, and easy cleaning. Therefore, bathtub products at Brother are very suitable for Vietnamese consumers’ tastes.

Please refer to the following Brother bathtub models that are highly appreciated and chosen by many customers:

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Giá cũ: 19.800.000 
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Giá cũ: 30.100.000 
Giá cũ: 24.800.000 
Giá cũ: 18.700.000 
Giá cũ: 24.300.000 
Giá cũ: 21.100.000 
Giá cũ: 18.900.000 
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