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Brother massage bathtub is a product line integrating many modern technologies that bring many benefits to the health and beauty of users.

Brother massage bathtub with many models and sizes suitable for many different spaces promise to be the wisest choice for you. With a flexible massage heating system combined with the movement of water flow, it will help users enjoy the most relaxing feeling while bathing.

Below are Brother massage tub models that are highly appreciated and chosen by many customers:

Giá cũ: 19.800.000 
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Giá cũ: Liên hệ để biết giá
Giá cũ: 30.100.000 
Giá cũ: 24.800.000 
Giá cũ: 18.700.000 
Giá cũ: 24.300.000 
Giá cũ: 21.100.000 
Giá cũ: 18.900.000 
Giá cũ: 21.000.000 
Giá cũ: 38.800.000 
Giá cũ: 30.100.000 
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